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When You Are a Seller

Thinking of Selling?   Maybe you have kept your eye on your local market for awhile now. You see what houses like yours are listed for and you are trying to think of what YOUR HOME IS WORTH.  Here's what you need to know.


As a seller you need to know the actual SELLING price of a house like yours that has recently sold. Not just what the listing price was.  They can vary.  This is where I  come in. I will do a market evaluation on your home, for FREE and at no obligation.  In the market evaluation I'll show you all of the recent actual sales prices of houses like yours as well as some lower and higher comparables.  This is the best way to determine a proper list price. 

You might wonder why some properties in your area sit on the market for a long time.  It's almost always because of over pricing.  This is a really dangerous game to play and a lot of the time doing this will net you less money than if you set the price at fair market value right away.  I cannot emphasize this enough....and I can show you where this might have happened in your neighborhood.    If you are interviewing more than one Realtor© ask them what their LIST TO SELL RATIO is and don't make the mistake of just going with the agent that tells you the highest price.   

If you would like to request an online home evaluation, you can fill out the form below or IF you would like to skip the online forms and have me pop in and give you a more detailed Comparative Market Analysis, please give me a call and I would be more than happy to assess your home in person.  204-340-5743 or email karlaelcock@hotmail.com

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